EPSON EB-X9 Projector Driver Download. This application allows basic remote administration of Epson Link 21L compatible projectors. Please view the included "PSB.2012.01.002.pdf" and "Link21L_E.pdf" documents for additional information. This file extracts to your hard drive and is placed in a folder that begins with c:\epson\epson14619...

EPSON S5 2000 Lumen 3LCD Multimedia Projector. With SVGA resolution, 2000 lumens and high aperture Epson 3LCD technology all in just 5.8 lb, the travel friendly Epson PowerLite S5 helps you achieve powerful presentations, at your office or on the road. The smart choice for any business, it even includes an energy efficient ETORL lamp that lasts up to 4000 hours. Get right to it with a 5 second startup /Instant On. Then, take control of your presentation with the convenient A/V Mute Slide. Just slide it over to instantly shut off images and sound. After you have completed your presentation, shut down quickly using the Instant Off function, and head off to your next important meeting.


A hardware driver is a small computer program that allows your computer to interact with Epson PowerLite S5 products. It is important to download the most recent driver to ensure that your device is working properly and that you can access its full array of features.


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Epson PowerLite S5 Projector Driver Download
WINOWS : 01/30/12
File Size
EMP Link 21L Software Utility v1.20
Windows XP 32-bit
3.26 MB
EMP Link 21L Software Utility v1.20
Windows 2000
3.26 MB
EMP Link 21L Software Utility v1.20
 Windows 98, Windows Me
3.26 MB